Studio Malta

Kick-off speech by district council
Posters painting action ›My Leonhardsvorstadt is...‹
Workshop ›Stadtbühne‹: playful idea development
Symposium on city co-production

Participation week in the Leonhardsvorstadt

The two neighborhoods of Leonhardsviertel and Bohnenviertel will be merged again under the historical name ›Leonhardsvorstadt‹. The area to be freed up after the planned demolition of the Züblin-Parkhaus in 2023 has the potential to connect the two quarters spatially, and to develop a new center by means of a strong program. The city council has recognized this potential and nominated the development proposal as IBA project. In this context a participation week designed by Studio Malta took place from May 30th to June 2nd, with the aim of drawing attention to the importance of a socially sustainable development of the area.

Newspaper with site plan and program
Newspaper with site plan and program
Newspaper with site plan and program
Newspaper with site plan and program

In cooperation with the Institute for Landscape Planning and Ecology, as well as the Institute for International Urban Development of the University of Stuttgart, the association Leonhardsvorstadt e.V. and the artist Weiny Fitui a diverse program about urban development and culture was set up. This allows the early involvement of various city producers in the upcoming transformation process of the quarter, and the discussion on locally relevant topics.

A central goal of the project participants was to activate the multifunctional area behind the parking structure.

The ongoing participation workshops ›Stadtbühne Leonhardsvorstadt‹ and ›My Leonhardsvorstadt is...‹ by Studio Malta, neighborhood discussions, participative formats of the cooperating institutes, music events and activities for children and teenagers, made this happen and turned the area into a lively meeting point and platform for neighborly exchange. Additionally, the old Catholic Church St. Katharina offered an unusual setting for additional cultural events.

Playground at Züblin Parkhaus, Stuttgart Mitte

Realization period
2019, 30th May - 2nd June

Project initiators
Studio Malta in cooperation with Weiny Fitui

Cooperation partners
Leonhardsvorstadt e.V.
Institute of Landscape Planning and Ecology, Uni Stuttgart
Chair of international urbanism, Uni Stuttgart

Symposium's guests
Johannes Dörle - Amt für Stadtplanung und Wohnen, Stadt Stuttgart
Heinrich-Hermann Huth - Leonhardsvorstadt e.V.
Paula Kohlmann - Theater Rampe
Wulf Kramer - YallaYalla, Ebene 0 e.V.
Hanna Noller - Uni Stuttgart, Stadtlücken
Marie Luise Reck - Forum Hospitalviertel e.V.
Michael Scheuermann - Jungbuschzentrum e.V.
Christine Voecks - zeitraumexit e.V.
Matthias von Wuthenau - Leonhardsvorstadt e.V.
Florian Zoll - IBA'27 StadtRegion Stuttgart

Jan-Timo Ort - Studio Malta (symposium, neighborhood talk)
Lenka Vojtova - Uni Stuttgart (neighborhood talk)

Video and sound recording
Simon Wallenda

›Badolino’s Wasserfahrt‹ with Oliver Köhler and Angelika Müller
›Malroboter-Workshop‹ with KOLLEKTOR EMITTER
›Maskenball‹ with Studio Malta
›Minizirkus Pipo: Ein interaktives Zirkusprogramm‹
Open Skate Session with OWN CREW

Students' workshops
Planning-for-real workshop ›I want my street to be‹
Worldcafé workshop ›Scenarios for the Züblin-Parkhaus area‹
Interactive treasure hunt ›Hidden secrets of Leonhardsvorstadt‹
Dialogic workshop ›For a liveable Leonhardsvorstadt‹
Stop-and-go Workshop ›People of Leonhardsvorstadt‹

Cultural program
T_R_EX, DJ Set
LOVEIT / Sociocultural Playground, DJ Set
Flora, DJ Set
Kristin Gerwien, concert
›Clip Clique‹ Music Video Compilation by Kristina Arlekinova
›A trance experience in sacred space‹ by SYN3A

Kulturamt Stuttgart
Stadtplanungsamt Stuttgart
Bezirksbeirat Stuttgart Mitte
Bürgerstiftung Stuttgart
IBA’27 StadtRegion Stuttgart
Sociocultural Playground

Studio Malta with Studio umschichten, spacial design
Weiny Fitui, curation cultural program
Jan-David Ducks, graffiti
Students of the University of Stuttgart, Workshop-Settings in the neighborhood

Graphic design
Christina Schmid
Clara Neumann

Studio Malta
Anna Lehrer
Christina Schmid

Newspaper for the neighborhood