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Bauschule '16

The ‘Bauschule’ (engl. ‘construction school’) is a participatory format for experimental interventions. “The purpose of a Bauschule is to arouse the enthusiasm for materials and to increase the overall building pleasure” says Thorsten Blume, curator of Bauhaus Dessau.

The Kunstverein Wagenhalle e. V. used this construction festival in August 2016 to design the common areas of the Container City. About 60 professionals and amateurs came together to realize an extensive construction project.

Videoteaser for the Bauschule

The idea

The idea of ​​the format is to bring together professionals and amateurs, artists, and interested participants in a setting of workshops and intervention sites, created specifically for the festival. On the one hand, visible results are being produced, on the other hand, a comprehensive framework program of educational and relaxing activities serve the intensive interaction and personal development of all participants.

Concept sketch
Concept sketch

Teaching formats and supporting program

The construction week was focused on the development of common areas within the Container City. Five construction teams designed spatial interventions and implemented them on site under the guidance of expert artisans, artists and communication designers.

Design elements and furnishing for the market square and the green oasis were realized as well as a modular outdoor furniture system for containers.

At the Infopoint of the Kunstverein, an orientation system was installed and one team developed a site-specific audiovisual installation.

The excursion to the exhibition ‘Good Space’ at Villa Merkel and the lecture series ‘Stadt [Bauschule]’ in the project space TAUT complemented the intensive construction days in order to point out innovative contemporary ways of dealing with urban spaces and their possibilities. The festival ended on 13.08.16 in a public closing party with an exhibition of the work results.

Construction of the market square
Installations on the market square
Construction of the common workshop
Furniture prototypes
Final presentation
Party in the green oasis
Audiovisual installation at TAUT

Container City
Kunstverein Wagenhalle e. V.

Realization period
2016, 8th - 13th August

Project management
Studio Malta, Anna Marie Michaeli, Veronika Schneider, Robin Bischoff

Direction self-building projects
ConstructLab (Sam Boche, Mascha Fehse, David Moritz, Sebastièn Tripod)

Artistic direction
ephemeral tomorrow (Asako Fujimoto, Maxime Lethelier, Riccardo Torresi)
TAUT (Anja Koch)

Wood and metal workshop direction
Philipp Bauer
Rainer Ecke
Michael Rapp

Workshop assistance
Daniel Falder, Moritz Junkermann,
Dominik Lippert, Aurel von Schroeder

Lecturers ‘Stadt [Bauschule]’
‘Stadt pflanzen! Baubotanik. Architektur. Stadtentwicklung.’
‘Stadt als Labor’
‘Eine Ode an den Rückbau’

Exhibition visit
Good Space’, Villa Merkel

City Club Augsburg (Katharina Berger, Constanze Busch)

Graphic Design
Jan Robert Obst (logo and poster)
Levin Stadler (program)

Participants from Kunstverein Wagenhalle e. V.
14 persons, groups and associations

External participants
28 individuals

The project ‘Bauschule’ was supported by
Akademie Schloss Solitude
Detmers Transporte GmbH
Karle Recycling
Kulturamt Stuttgart
Scholpp Montage GmbH
Studio Umschichten
Villa Merkel
Gemüsering Stuttgart GmbH

Ferdinando Iannone
Studio Malta

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