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Zukunft am Ostkreuz

For 10 years now, the ›Zukunft am Ostkreuz‹ has played an important role as a link and hub of the Berlin cultural landscape at its location in Laskerkiez, Berlin-Friedrichshain. In 2011, an open-air cinema and a pub with a spacious beer garden were built in the ruins of a former film warehouse, which were later followed by two more cinemas, a theater and several stages for concerts and other events. In these years and until the rental contract termination in March 2022, a spatially heterogeneous cultural site was created, which encouraged networking and exchange between creative people and lovers of culture from art, film, music and theater.

Open air cinema

With the perspective of a new building on the site and the re-design of the open spaces, the special character of the place should not only be maintained through the principle of ›community-based design‹, but also be further developed in a positive way in cooperation with the owner.

For this purpose, an upstream, conceptual test and variance planning was carried out, which could be deepened in a cooperative workshop process.

At the same time, the all-over narrative for the development and the implementation strategy were deepened.

The outcome of the workshop resulted in a building vision that contains qualitative and quantitative statements on structural and programmatic potential and represents a basis for future negotiations with the property owner.

The results of this compact process can be viewed here.

Building vision
Urban design framework


Realisation period
October 2021

District Office of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, LokalBau Plattform

Cooperation partner
AKS Gemeinwohl

Studio Malta, Cristina Estanislao

Workshop: Studio Malta
Location: Maren Michaelis, Zukunft am Ostkreuz

Project space
›Lobby‹ of Urbane Praxis

Documentation (in German)