Studio Malta

Hello, we are Studio Malta.

We work across scales in the fields of urbanism and urban planning, architecture and design on creative and participatory processes. We act at the interface between practice-oriented and conceptual work. We develop customized strategies to realize our projects and introduce relevant matters into public discourse.
Interview Marlowes
›Ins Offene planen‹ (engl. ›open-end planning‹)
Interview with Marlowes

We were invited to talk to our friends from Marlowes about co-productive processes, potentials and untapped opportunities of urban development for the common good: It was very nice to be able to reflect together on our own work and role as planners.
The interview has now been published
: It is part of a series of interviews that ties in with the joint exhibition ›And Now - Acute Positions of Young Offices on Architecture and Planning‹, which will be shown at the Architekturgalerie am Weißenhof in Stuttgart in the fall. We are already looking forward to it!

We rethink the Campus – Join in!
Studio Malta at the ›CO_WETTBEWERB‹ (Engl. ›Co_Competition‹) in Braunschweig

We are delighted to be part of the experimental planning format CO_WETTBEWERB at the interface between participation and an urban planning workshop process.
We will be working on site with students from TU Braunschweig on urban planning scenarios for the developing CO_LIVING CAMPUS.
Come visit us during the public evenings on March 4, 8 and 15.

Illustration: TU Braunschweig/ Larisa Tsvetkova

Publication in the specialist magazine ›Planerin‹
›(Neue) Garagen gründen‹

Our concept study ›Neue Gründerzentren für Stuttgart‹ (Engl. ›New start-up infrastructures for Stuttgart‹) was presented in the last issue of the specialist magazine ›Planerin‹.
We are pleased to be able to make a contribution to the current discourse on the development of communicative innovation, research and production locations.

›Stadt(t)räume - An exhibition about
longing of our times‹
20.7.–12.11.2023, Schwenningen

Next Thursday, July 20, the participatory exhibition ›Stadt(t)räume‹ will open in the Frei:Raum of the newly developing Bürk Museum Quarter. With an open-ended exhibition design and a diverse collateral program, which we designed, dreams about the future of Schwenningen's city center and the museum district itself will be created, collected and discussed for sixteen weeks.
We are already looking forward to the results!

Curation in collaboration with Stephan Rößler and Lisa Schmied
Exhibition identity: Studio Tillack Knöll


Artistic research project
›Stuttgart im Öffentlichen Raum‹

We are very happy to receive funding from the Cultural Office of the City of Stuttgart for our self-initiated project ›Stuttgart im Öffentlichen Raum - Eine künstlerische, ko-produktive Sammlung der Bedeutung und Nutzung durch die (post-)migrantische Bevölkerung‹.

Together with the artist Weiny Fitui, we embark on a search for the meaning of public space for the (post-)migrant population of Stuttgart. In a low-threshold, co-productive process, public space will be illuminated as a stage of society and artistically recorded based on personal perspectives. 

The resulting collection is intended to make our diverse society visible and perceptible.

Offspace ›Lagune‹ ›Station 3‹
Offspace ›Lagune‹
›Station 3‹ by Karl-Heinz Bogner

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From June 30th to July 23th the installation ›Station 3‹ by Karl-Heinz Bogner will be on display in Offspace ›Lagune‹. The work is a contribution to the project ›Linien - Zeilen  - Räume. Die poetische Region‹ (›Lines - Rows - Spaces. The poetic region.‹) The project is part of the IBA’27-Festival.

Vernissage: Thursday, June 29th at 7 pm in Offspace ›Lagune‹ with introduction by Prof. Klaus Jan Philipp.

We're looking forward to seeing you!

Plitsch Platsch
Offspace ›Lagune‹
›Plitsch Platsch - Stuttgarter Wassergeschichten‹

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Christina Schmid and Aida Nejad have collected Stuttgart's water stories. Their source research resulted in an artful logbook, a poetic non-fiction book, a city guide for Stuttgart: a pool to take home and dive into, read, read aloud, or simply look at.

On April 03, 2023, the two artists will present their book to the public in our offspace 'Lagune'. During the summer, they will lead two water walks with drinking breaks and reading to well-known and hidden water places in the city.

Book presentation: Monday, april 03, 2023 at 7 p.m. at offspace ›Lagune‹
We look forward to seeing you!

Ausstellung Pforzheim
›Zukunft Schlossberg‹
Exhibition on Schlossberg workshop procedure
15.3.–12.06.2023, Pforzheim

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The Schlossberg workshop procedure launched in October 2022 has come to an end. Together with two other teams, we developed ideas and different visions for the future of Schlossberg. The resulting ideas and impressions from the workshops will be shown in an exhibition: stop by and take a look!

Fenster Lutherhaus, Schlossberg 6, 75175 Pforzheim

Our project
More information

Stuttgarter Wassergeschichten
›Stuttgart water stories‹
Artistic project by Christina Schmidt and Aida Nejad

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Stuttgart's longing for water is greater than its knowledge of the actual wealth of mineral springs, fountains, baths, streams, rivers, lakes and ideas. For one summer, Christina and Aida swim through the city. They listen to water stories, collect splashes, map bodies of water and see what is there - or could be there.

In addition to source research, water gossip and water walks, an artist's book was created that contains 140 experimental texts, fountain poems and water dreams by Christina Schmid and 100 water drawings and fountain choreographies by Aida Nejad glowing in turquoise ink. A hand-drawn city water map bookmark accompanies through the turquoise pool.

Available for order via Prima.Publikationen.

Workshop days at Franck-Areal

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After the opening festival "Neuland" back in 2021 we were again at Franck-Areal at the Ludwigsburg train station last November.
We had the chance to design and lead through a two-day participation event to develop target images for the future development of the area.
The results of the exploration tour and workshop as well as some impressions can be seen here.

We are very pleased to have made a contribution to the design of this "white spot" in the city of Ludwigsburg!

Vortrag Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
Performativ Planen - Strategisch Gestalten

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Why and how do performative methods play a role in the continuous negotiation and the creation of space?

What is the connection between questioning the production and program of space, empowerment by transfer of knowledge and the immediate work with man and matter?

We are looking forward to be able to be talking about these and other questions at Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences on 29th of November at 7 PM

Lagune Gedok
Offspace ›Lagune‹

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The five artists Claude Horstmann (D, FR), Elise Alloin (FR), Emeline Galhac (BE), Josephine Kaeppelin (NL) and Marianne Mispelaëre (FR) come together again ten years after their first successful collaboration in Stuttgart and Strasbourg and continue their exchange and practices in a new project.

They discuss sculptural forms, linguistic investigations and physical-material fieldwork. They talk about labor, assimilation, and the Anthropocene - and address topographical, geopolitical, social as well as technological situations.

Exhibition from 7 to 29 October 2022

The main exhibition will take place in the gallery of GEDOK e.V. Stuttgart. Editions and multiples are on display in the ›Lagune‹!

Lagune Rebeca Duque Estrada
Offspace ›Lagune‹
›Raumfaserweben‹ by Rebeca Duque Estrada

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Fibers are ubiquitous in nature and an essential part of the structure of everything from trees to bones. In architecture and design, man-made fibers are both an innovation as a building material with greater strength than steel, as well as in the form of their application: spaces are woven with a continuous thread.

Architect Rebeca Duque Estrada's work explores the possibilities of continuous thread in spatial forms, geometry and aesthetics.

On Friday, 6th of May, her exhibition will open with a vernissage starting at 6 pm.

It will be on view through the end of June 2022, both from the outside at any time and inside the studio by appointment.


More information on Facebook and Instagram.

Power Objects
Co-creative design and implementation process with young people

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We are very happy about the funding from the Cultural Office of the City of Stuttgart and the Partnership for Democracy for our self-initiated project ›Power Objects - Empowerment through Art and Participation in Urban Space Development‹. 

Together with the artist Weiny Fitui, we like to discuss with young people their needs in relation to public space in a co-creative design and implementation process. The mediation of art, planning culture and urban ecology are at the centre of the project with empowerment through the direct experience of the effectiveness of the young people's own actions. Together we will question the existing design of public space and jointly implement in it.

Education about Planning Culture
Research project in cooperation with the Wüstenrot Foundation

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With an applied research project, we are starting the first of three years in January to impart knowledge about planning culture, together with the Wüstenrot Foundation and the researcher Isabelle Willnauer. The focus here is on young people: how can supposedly dry planning process knowledge be conveyed in a youth-friendly, low-threshold way? What arouses enthusiasm and encourages people to do it themselves? The project follows an empowerment approach that aims to motivate and enable young people to participate in urban development. After all, experiences of self-efficacy in adolescence are an important factor for lifelong democratic participation. We are very excited about the project!

Publication on PND - rethinking planning
›How's it going - digitally?
Participation During and After the Pandemic‹

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With the findings from our event in March we investigated expanded competences and modified methods through the lenses of moderators and process facilitators during participation processes in the pandemic. In this joint article we wrote down 3x3 thoughts that condense our experiences.

How's it going - digitally? Participation During and After the Pandemic

Studio Malta with ​​nonconform and studio | stadt | region – Andreas Bernögger, Bernadette Brunner, Roland Gruber, Torsten Klafft, Florian Kluge, Marta Toscano

Studio Malta, Cristina Estanislao

Lagune Moritz Junkermann
Offspace ›Lagune‹
›Alphanumerical Characters‹ by Moritz Junkermann

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Exhibition from December 4th, 21st – February 26th, 22nd

Moritz Junkermann has been working on 3D implementations of his Alphanumerical Characters, formerly also known as the industrial or metal version of his various alphabet creations, for over a decade.

For the first time, it now shows an entire metal alphabet in a uniform size.

On Saturday, December 4th the exhibition will open with a vernissage from 6 p.m. It will be on view until the end of February 2022, either from the outside at any time or inside after registration.

More information on Facebook and Instagram.

Lagune Sawako
Offspace ›Lagune‹
›Today’s dance – I dance for you‹ by Sawako Nunotani

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Performance series from October 7th to November 28th 2021

Through an intense 1:1 conversation with you, Sawako perceives feelings, moods and impulses in order to then reproduce them in a dancing response.

Are you interested in this unique performance? Details and registration for the dialogue here!

The performance is also visible from the outside without active participation, come by.

Photo: Clara Neumann

NEULAND: Festival for City Space Art
September 24-26, 2021

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For the first opening of the Franck-Areal, close to Ludwigsburg train station, the NEULAND festival will take place and we will be there too.

With animations and interactive formats, we invite you to fantasize about the area and its development potential with us.

Opening hours
Fri., 24.09.2021, 6 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Sat. 25.09 & Sun. 26.09.2021, 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.

Trailer | Program

A joint project of the city of Ludwigsburg and the Wüstenrot Foundation.

Illustration: Studio Malta, Cristina Estanislao

Offspace ›Lagune‹
›Vlieland‹ von Clara Neumann

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Until September 30th, the designer and artist Clara Neumann will open a fourth window in the Lagune with her pictures. Seen from the street, an image is projected every day at dusk:

»It's about time and light and slowness«

Different projection times:
Beginning of September: approx. 7.30pm to 10pm
End of September: approx. 6:30 p.m. - 9 p.m.

Event details

With the kind support of the LBBW Foundation.

Photo: Clara Neumann

Veranstaltung_Summer School Friedrichstadt
›Friedrichstadt: Wie entwickelst du?‹
Summer School, September 2021, 6th–10th, Friedrichstadt

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In cooperation with the municipality of Friedrichstadt, the teaching and research program Urban Design of the HafenCity University Hamburg and the planning office denkstatt sàrl we organize and lead the summer school for the spatial design of the project ›A house for Friedrichstadt!‹ as part of the BMBF real-life laboratory ›Friedrich-STADT-Hotel‹.

The local actors have already worked out central values ​​and an implementation strategy in cooperation with HCU and denkstatt sàrl - now it's time to design the space. In addition, the developed programmatic ideas are examined in more detail.

During the summer school, around 20 students are asked to think further about the existing approaches and present them spatially.

More informations:
Friedrichstadt. Zukunftsstadt.
Teaching and research program

Veranstaltung_Urban Equipe
Event: Spielend planen!? (engl. ›Planning by playing!?)
Games as a tool for urban development

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We are delighted to be invited by Urban Equipe to present our playful workshop formats at their symposium on the topic ›Planning by playing!? Games as a tool for urban development‹. If you happen to be in Zürich on September 2021, 16th or 17th, come, play and discuss with us!

Pitch Night
16th September 2021 | 7:30 - 9:30 pm
Amboss Garage | Zollstraße 80 | 8005 Zürich

17th September 2021 | 10:00 am - 5:30 pm
Halle 710 | Barbara-Reinhart-Straße 26 | 8404 Winterthur

Picture: Urban Equipe

Programm Lagune 2021
Lagune Offspace 2021

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In the Lagune we greet the waves coming in the approaching summer. Four artists show - in a variety of media - personal perceptions and analysis of people, space and time. Lennart Cleemanns' installation ›Swinging with Fishes‹ can be seen until August 27, in September Clara Neumann shows photos in the play of light, Sawako Nunotani develops dance dialogues from October and Moritz Junkermann guides us through the turn of the year with sculptural works from December.

Distanced viewing from outside is possible; the Lagune is otherwise open by appointment. We cordially invite you and look forward to seeing you!

Facebook Instagram

KiJuBe Fortbildung
›Who owns the city?‹
Shaping child and youth participation in planning processes creatively

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Architectural education and the involvement of children and young people in planning processes is essential for the future development of our cities. 'Kinder- und Jugendbeteiligung BW' has designed an exciting professional training course in cooperation with the 'Akademie der Jugendarbeit BW' and the 'StadtbauAkademie'. We were very happy to be invited to introduce methods and formats during our presentation!

March 11 on Zoom
11. and 18. June at Stadtpalais Stuttgart

Picture: 'Kinder- und Jugendbeteiligung BW'

Veranstaltung_Erfahrungsaustausch Pandemie
How's it going digital?
Participation during and after the pandemic

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• for our german speaking friends •

nonconform, studio | stadt ​| region & studio malta invite.

Exchange of experiences with joint discussion
Thursday, March 4th, 2021, 3–6pm


We have all had a crazy year. Infection protection was suddenly on the agenda, and with it the reorganization of the work processes and the participation formats. The overdue digitization was mostly rapid. But the 1:1 translation from analog to digital was not enough, that was quickly clear. So, together with the administrations, politicians and partners, a lot had to be reinvented. We learned a lot from it! You also?

Three offices that deal with participatory processes at different scales have put their heads together. We invite architects and planners, digitization experts and moderators, administrators and politicians, as well as committed people from civil society initiatives, networks and associations:

We want to share our experiences and ask if you feel the same way, to give an insight into our project work and to think together about where this turning point will lead our working field.

There's also live music!
Please bring your own food and drinks!

Live on Facebook
Live on YouTube

Projektraum Zukunft Leonhardsvorstadt
›Zukunft Leonhardsvorstadt‹
Project Space

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Since August 17th, the former laundry at Katharinenstraße 21 is our central contact point for the Planspiel Zukunft Leonhardsvorstadt.

From 4 to 7 p.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays you can get informed and discuss ideas for Leonhardsvorstadt and the Züblin parking garage, participate and see what others are imagining for the future.

We're looking forward to meeting you there!

17th August – 16th October
Katharinenstraße 21
70182 Stuttgart

Photo: Ferdinando Iannone

Projekt_Zukunft Leonhardsvorstadt
›Zukunft Leonhardsvorstadt‹

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From mid-August we will conduct an experimental, crossmedia participation process together with BeL and Belius in Leonhardsvorstadt, Stuttgart.

Initiated by the state capital of Stuttgart, the focus will be placed on central locations in the district that will be developed as model projects for living together within the framework of the IBA’27 StadtRegion Stutt­gart.

We are very happy to play through the future of Leonhardsvorstadt together with the residents.

Design: Christina SchmidSimon Malz
Illustration: Thomas Rustemeyer
Editor: Christian Holl

Ausstellung Léa Ducos (Lagune Offspace)
Off-Space ›Lagune‹
›Toï Toï Toï‹ by Lea Ducos

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Between 25th of July and 12th of September, a selection of works by the french artist Léa Ducos will be on display in the Lagune. She deals with finds of industrial materials and unites them in exceptional combinations and constructions, which are open to playful redesign.

This exhibition and the subsequent publication are results of her residence as a scholar between february and july 2020 in the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg in Stuttgart, in the context of the exchange program for artists of the federal state Baden–Württemberg and the Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, organised by the Institut français Stuttgart in cooperation wirh art3 Valence. Supported by the Ministry for Sciences, Research and Fine Arts of Baden-Württemberg.

Veranstaltung_Lagune Clara Cornu
Offspace ›Lagune‹
›Déclenchement‹ by Clara Cornu
March, 20th – May, 8th

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The fabulous Clara Cornu will be showing her series ›Release Zones‹ and from her repertoire the ›Travelling Divers‹ in the ›Lagune‹ from March 20th to May 8th.

»The former dive shop was closed for ten years and received the nickname ›Lagoon‹ by its new residents. The divers rise from the depths. Called to the surface by the three turquoise windows, they climb to unknown peaks. They conjure up the location’s past and at the same time emancipate themselves from it.«

The unique technique of reverse glass painting can be admired from outside without contamination and now enriches the street space. Come look at it!

Veranstaltung_Weiny Finissage
Offspace ›Lagune‹
Kick-off event with finissage ›Untitled‹
March 7th, 7 – 10pm

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With drinks, snacks and experimental music by Arne Hellström we will celebrate the opening of the ›Lagune‹ on Saturday, March 7th with the finissage by artist Weiny Fitui.

Collected products and light sources are the central object with which Fitui creates her assemblages. Light gives the materials an aura and thus an extra position for the exhibited object ›Untitled‹. A three-dimensional X made of steel wire overlaps with found objects, neon tubes, acrylic glass and other light sources to create a colored installation.

›Untitled‹ was produced in 2016 under the theme ›Art in the Club‹, is exhibited in different places and is currently located in our space.

We would be very happy to welcome you here!

Offspace ›Lagune‹

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Together with the graphic designers Clara Neumann and Christina Schmid, we are turning the front area of our studio into the temporary Offspace ›Lagune‹.

Between March and September 2020, various artists will be invited to activate the space and enrich the neighborhood with art and smaller events. We'll keep you up to date!

Opening times during the exhibitions:
Tuesdays, 6 to 8pm or by appointment.

Our off-space is funded by the cultural office of the city of Stuttgart, with the friendly supply of the exhibition lighting by Klemproducts.

Veranstaltung_Ausstellung IUSD
›Bad Cannstatt verstehen lernen‹ (engl. ‘learning to understand Bad Cannstatt’)
Student exhibition

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As part of Aaron Schirrmann's teaching activities at the international master's course ›Integrated Urbanism and Sustainable Design‹ at the University of Stuttgart, the results of the students' semester project on the strategic development of Bad Cannstatt will be exhibited and discussed on February, 4th. The students are looking forward to meet you!

4th February 2020 | 6:00 - 8:00 pm
8th floor | room 8.04
Keplerstrasse 11 | 70174 Stuttgart

Poster: IUSD

Veranstaltung_Ausstellung Ackerplatz
›Joanes Prize‹ competition exhibition

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Our proposal for a social design of the new Ackerplatz (Berlin - Wedding) will be part of the upcoming exhibition of the Joanes Stiftung. Come on over!

29th January - 9th February 2020
Wed. to Sun. | 4:00 - 8:00 pm
Former “Waschküche”
Feldstraße 10 | 13355 Berlin

Projekt_Initiative Innerer Nordbahnhof
Initiative Innerer Nordbahnhof

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During the last months we supported the two associations Kunstverein Wagenhalle e.V. and Stadtacker Wagenhallen e.V in founding the Initiative Innerer Nordbahnhof and defining its strategic goals. Learn more about it and read the strategic paper.

Treppauf – Treppab
Stairways Map

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Our friends Christina Schmid and Sabine Fessler have published a wonderful book about the 'Stuttgarter Stäffele' (typical Stuttgart stairways), to which we contributed to the Stäffele-map. Both the book and the map can be purchased at Prima.Publikationen: take a look and grab it!

Photo: Christina Schmid

Publikation_Stadt Bauen 7
Publication in STADT BAUEN 7

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Our award-winning project Container City has been published in the book series STADT BAUEN by the DASL - German Academy for urban design and landscape planning.

Summer aperitif at the Studio

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Fresh breeze, the sound of the sea… Studio Malta celebrates summer!

6th July 2019 | 5:00 - 10:00 pm

May 30th – June 2nd: Action Week in the Leonhardsvorstadt

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The time has come: The Action Week for the Leonhardsvorstadt neighbourhood development starts in a few days!

Together with the association Leonhardsvorstadt e.V., the artist Weiny Fitui and the ILPÖ of Uni Stuttgart, we have put together a diverse program ranging from workshops and talks to cultural and musical events. Come visit us and join in the activities at the main action area behind the Züblin-Parkhaus from Thursday, May 30th to Sunday, June 2nd.

Flyer: Clara Neumann and Christina Schmid

RI.U.SO 06: Studio Malta goes to Milano!

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Already last year it was announced that the Container City would receive a honorable mention at 'RI.U.SO 06 - Rigenerazione Urbana Sostenibile'. Now, the Italian National Council of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Monument Conservators (CNAPPC) invited us to Milan for the award ceremony. In the context of the Design Week, we accepted the award with great pleasure.

New Studio

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After an exhausting renovation, we finally moved into our beautiful new studio! We were very happy about everyone that celebrated a great opening with us. Come visit us at Forststrasse 92, 70176 Stuttgart.

Photo credit: Jeanette Bak

Mail from the Cultural Office

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The Cultural Office of the City of Stuttgart supports our funding request for an extensive action week for collaborative neighborhood development that we are planning for summer 2019 together with the artist Weiny Fitui in the neighborhoods ‘Leonhardsvorstadt’ and ‘Hospitalviertel’.

Cooperation partners include the Institute for Landscape Planning and Ecology at the University of Stuttgart, the City Planning Office, the Cultural Office as well as local civil society institutions and key cultural players of the neighborhoods. Stay tuned!

Preis_Deutscher Städtebaupreis für die Container City
Deutscher Städtebaupreis 2018

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At Germany’s biggest Urban Design Award the Container City of the Kunstverein Wagenhalle e.V. received an award as one of the ten best urban design projects of the past two years!

“The multifunctional area has become a driving force and a programmatic module for the future neighborhood. The interconnection of informal and temporary projects with long-term measures and strategic developments promotes a concentration of public uses that radiates into the immediate surroundings and the entire city.”

We are very happy!